Paul Reeves Music

Paul Reeves Music

Paul Reeves is a London-based composer of soundtrack, jazz, orchestral and new music. He has written and recorded some of advertising’s most memorable musical themes.

Paul’s production library work includes multiple albums for APM, Universal and West One Music Group. His recent soundtrack synchronisations include Emily In Paris for Netflix and new TV commercials for Compare the Market and Autotrader UK.

Paul Reeves’ clients include Apple, British Airways, Disney, Dulux, Sky TV, and Virgin Trains.

Paul Reeves On composing and working with studio musicians

Featuring Paul’s track The Story Begins.

Advertising Autotrader UK | Compare the Market | Brunello Cucinelli | Suzuki | Apple | Siri

Paul Reeves has written and produced some of advertising’s most famous music. His high profile clients include Eurostar, British Airways, Virgin Trains, Dulux, and Warner. Paul writes music directly for TV advertising and his production music is frequently used in high profile campaigns.

Autotrader UK Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Featuring a re-record of Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Fiddler On The Roof).

Arranged and produced by Paul, this latest bespoke work features a re-record of 'Matchmaker, Matchmaker' (Fiddler On The Roof). The music agency is BMG Bespoke.

It was a joy to arrange this classic for Autotrader UK. The music was performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and sung by Annalene Beechey.

Paul Reeves

Compare the Market A Meersical Tail

Featuring A Meersical Tail commissioned for this ad.

This ‘Compare the Market’ spot was commissioned by Native, a London-based music agency. Paul was asked to write a song that Sergei the Meerkat could sing with a girl who comes to life from the silver screen. The story is a cute meetup scenario where only a lavishly produced Hollywood musical duet could work.

The score was recorded with string orchestra and a small big band. It was a joy to hear Sergei’s voice bring the song to life!

Paul Reeves

Brunello Cucinelli Fall Winter 2019 Collection Skyward Move

You can hear the full track on the SonicQuiver website.

This beautiful commercial features the track Industrious Motion co-written with Jay Price. The clockwork effect of the music lends itself to the mechanical elements of the ad contrasting with the simple beauty of the fashion.

A great collaboration!

Paul Reeves

Suzuki Vitara / Fantasy Chorale Recorded in Bratislava

Featuring Paul’s track Fantasy Chorale

This dramatic advert uses Fantasy Chorale, nominated for the Music and Sound Awards’ best use of production music in 2016.

Fantasy Chorale was recorded by Sara Gilchrist of Volta Music.

The Suzuki Vitara TV ad used my track Fantasy Chorale from the West One Music album Family Fantasy. This track was recorded in Bratislava by 55 strings, woodwinds and brass. There is also a choir. For this advert we changed the words sung by the choir, to fit the sentiment of the ad, including ‘Vitara’ to emphasise the message.

Paul Reeves

Behind the Scenes with Apple’s Siri and the Cookie Monster Croque-Monsieur

Featuring Croque-Monsieur

Featuring Paul’s track Croque-Monsieur from the West One Music album Commercial Bites.

The Apple video is a behind-the-scenes take on Timer, its popular TV ad featuring Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster and the iPhone 6s “Hey Siri” command.

The new video consists mostly of alleged outtakes from the original ad. It continues the plot however, Cookie Monster finishing and eating the cookies, and wishing Siri goodnight when he goes to bed.

Croque Monsieur features the great trumpet playing of my friend and colleague Ray Butcher

Paul Reeves

Film & Television Emily in Paris | Madman | Diana | Coco Before Chanel

Paul’s work is frequently used in drama and films. From Boardwalk Empire, Friends, Madmen, to BBC’s The Apprentice, the variety of synchronisation is rich and varied.

Emily in Paris

Poster for Emily in Paris

Paul’s track Paris La Nuit has been used in the first episode of Emily in Paris Series 2. The track from Paul's 2014 album Commercial Breaks is used as part of an advertising pitch within the storyline of the programme.

Listen to Paris La Nuit on Spotify

Madmen Charleston

Pete & Trudy … best Charleston couple ever … terpsichorean beauty, charm, creativity, synchronicity. Quirky Vintage 2

In one of the most popular scenes from Madmen (Season 3, Episode 3), Pete and Trudy dance the Charleston at a party. The music is Paul’s Charleston from the West One album Quirky Vintage 1. The Mad Men episode has entered the very definition of the Charleston as cited in Wikipedia (‘Depictions in media’ section).

In the episode “My Old Kentucky Home” from season three of Mad Men , Pete Campbell and his wife Trudy dance the Charleston at a soirée in 1963.

Charleston Dance, Wikipedia

Diana Trailer for Director Oliver Hirschbiegel’s biopic

“Sometimes the legend… is not the whole story…“ Life in Motion, Pure Minds

During the last two years of her life, Princess Diana embarks on a final rite of passage: a secret love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

The music featured on the Diana trailer is Pure Minds from Life in Motion 2. The track almost has a clock ticking motion to it. I like the way this sets up a feeling of time moving on. We recorded the track in Budapest at Tom Tom Studio. There’s a great band there who really are committed to the projects that I produce with them. A brilliant team effort.

Paul Reeves

Listening Room

Paul’s music is available for listening and downloading on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music/iTunes.


Spotify’s recommended tracks are a great way to appreciate Paul’s music in the context of his peers.


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Apple Music, iTunes

Available for streaming via the Apple Music player; snippets and purchasing via iTunes.

Here are Paul's top tracks on Apple Music.

Are we ready?

An exciting day - preparing to record orchestral music at Abbey Road Studios.

Paul Reeves in the recording studio

Features On Screen / In the Studio

Paul’s The Patriot provides the atmospheric soundtrack to Spielberg’s spoof trailer collaboration with the White House, plus, behind the scenes for the recording of Quirky Vintage and Quirky Vintage 2.

Success Stories Spielberg / Obama

Obama by Steven Spielberg, featuring The Patriot.

Barack Obama and Steven Spielberg teamed up to create a spoof movie trailer using Paul’s track The Patriot from his West One Music album Success Stories.

In the skit Obama impersonates Daniel Day-Lewis playing Barack Obama. The clip was the highlight of the 2013 White House Correspondents Association dinner.

The Patriot was also used for the official Obama White House video A Look Inside the First Family’s Residence.

In the Studio The Making of Quirky Vintage

Behind the scenes for the recording of Quirky Vintage and Quirky Vintage 2. Quirky Vintage

Paul Reeves with the 8-strong West One studio recording team

Paul Reeves with the West One Music recording team. Left to right, Felipe Arévalo, Nathan Hilton, Matt Norman, Paul, Chris Pawlusek, Chris Brown, Holly Narey, Tom Heath, Jono Buchanan.

Sanctus album cover, image of a large white flower on black background
Life in Motion 2 album cover, luminous blue and white abstraction with centered title
Blue Key album cover, close-up, column of smoke rising against black background
Commercial Bites album cover, big red saucy lips holding an even redder cherry
Wireless album cover, gramophone against a black background
Quirky Vintage album cover, reclining woman, blue swimming costume, vintage style illustration
Showtime album cover, city skyline at night with Times Square style title graphics
Quirky Vintage 2 album cover, kneeling woman in bikini with clarinet, vintage style illustration
Family Fantasy album cover, fairytale castle emerging from an open book in a spray of bright colour
Inspirit albmum cover, profile of a head in broad strokes of red and blue with white background
Success Stories album cover, dramatic perspective view of skyscrapers, bluish tone, title centred
Oddities album cover, elephant in evening dress playing a tuba, oddities title springing from the tuba's horn
Atmospheric Undercurrents album cover, thick swirling clouds with centred title
Scratch Band album cover, bass drum in broad stokes of red, black and turquoise, white background, centred title